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Vigil Planned Sunday for Teen Last Seen in Covington

Paige Johnson has been missing since September 23, 2010 and since then police have logged more than five thousand hours working the case according to Covington Police Chief Spike Jones in a Cincinnati Enquirer article noting the two-year anniversary of the teen's disappearance. The case remains open and a vigil is planned this evening in Covington:

Detective Bryan Frodge, lead investigator on the case, said it isn’t uncommon for him to get tips about Paige. He checks social networking websites regularly. The leads gleaned from websites and phone calls frequently circle around to old information that has led to dead ends, but everything new is thoroughly checked, he said.
A Norwood resident, Charles Jones, has arranged a vigil for the second anniversary of Paige’s disappearance at 5 p.m. Sunday, at 15th Street and Scott Boulevard, where Jacob T. Bumpass said he dropped her off that date two years ago.

Full story, including details on the person of interest: Cincinnati Enquirer/Terry DeMio
PHOTO: Paige Johnson


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