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Who's the Richest Person in Kentucky?

Research by a firm called Wealth-X has identified the wealthiest resident of each state in the country. From the Daily Mail:


With 425 billionaires, the United States contains over a third of the total number worldwide and the study by Wealth-X also included every ultra-high-net worth individual (UHNWI) with a fortune of over $30 million in the country.

Looking at the 60,280 UNHWI's in the U.S. worth $8.28 trillion, Wealth-X found them spread across the 50 states and in most cases living close to the company or firm which they founded or were the CEO of.

The comprehensive list doesn't reflect the combined numbers of billionaires of each state though, which accounts for Nebraska, which has only two billionaires, placing higher in the list than New York, which according to Forbes Magazine has 71.

Some familiar faces claim the top spot in their respective states and for some in conservative politics, Kentucky's richest man will also be familiar. Though the Commonwealth ranked only at number 40 on the list, B. Wayne Hughes's fortune is tops in the Bluegrass. Worth an estimated $1.1 billion, Hughes is the founder of Public Storage, the largest self-storage company in America. He also owns a horse farm near Lexington and in 2010 was the top donor to the right-wing political action committee known as Crossroads GPS, launched by former President George W. Bush's closest adviser, Karl Rove.

In July, Huges was featured in a piece by GQ Magazine that demonstrated the growing gap between the wealthy and the poor in America. Read that story.