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Guys Behind Food Truck Invasion Talk About Mobile Dining

The gentlemen who operate the BLDG on Pike Street talked to Cincy Chic about why they created the Food Truck Invasion, Covington's monthly mobile lunch event. Mike Amann, Jay Becker, and Chris Ritter make up the BLDG, a trendy marketing & design firm Downtown.

From the interview:


Cincy Chic: How did the Food Truck Invasion come about?
Mike Amann, Jay Becker and Chris Ritter, partners at BLDG: BLDG approached the City of Covington about creating some cool events and the possibility of doing brand activations. We then created the Food Truck Invasions. They seemed to be a logical choice, especially for the purpose of engaging both the existing folks of Covington, while also creating a buzz worth event to draw others here.

Cincy Chic: Why did you choose Covington?
Amann, Becker and Ritter: BLDG, is located in Covington, and after we saw what the Mayor, Chuck Scheper, was working on accomplishing, we approached him with some branding ideas. We love Covington and thus wanted to do our part to show what a cool town it is, and more importantly, how cool it could be.

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