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Woman Searches for Covington Children Photographed in 1983

"We feel like we know them because we've seen them on our wall for the last twenty-five years," writes Leslie Bialik of Oakland, California. She and her husband, Gene Tucci, passed through Covington in 1983 and snapped a photo of five happy youngsters in what appears to be Mainstrasse Village. Well, maybe four happy children and one younger one making a silly face. "It would be such a kick to know who they are and see what they're like today."

Bialik emailed Covington City Clerk Maggie Nyhan a copy of the photo in the hopes of finding out who these children grew up to be. Bialik and Tucci have traveled the globe and have many photos from those adventures on their walls. 

"We have a large 14"x9" of this photo hanging on our wall, framed and well-exhibited," Bialik continues. "It's one of our favorites from our travels over the years. This photo hangs beside a 14"x9" framed photo of five adorable kids we met in Vietnam earlier this year. One the other side hangs a similar photo of a very young boy looking in a store window that was decorated for Christmas. It was in New Orleans in 1983, the same year as (the Covington) photo. (The) Covington kids are keeping some good company in our home.

If you recognize the children (who are now twenty-nine years older) in the photograph and you have their permission to say, email [email protected].