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Developers of Hotel Covington Aim for Local Beehive

The company behind the development of The Hotel Covington envision a spot that is frequently visited by locals as well as out-of-towners. The gentlement who formed the Aparium Group spoke with the Chicago Business Journal:

But now Robinson and Tricoci have joined with Tim Dixon for their new adventure that is Aparium (a name derived from the Latin for “beehive”).

A Milwaukee resident, Dixon became intimately familiar with hotel industry several years ago after he opened the Iron Horse Hotel there, one of the city’s first upscale boutique hotels and also the recipient of numerous accolades.

Though Aparium has taken over management of the Iron Horse, the first major test of what this trio of hoteliers will be able to accomplish will play out in — of all places — Covington, Ky., a somewhat forgotten town that might, charitably speaking, best be described as the gateway to Cincinnati, the more robust and cosmopolitan city just across the Ohio River.

But the Aparium guys apparently like a challenge. And they have signed on to manage the Hotel Covington when it opens late in 2013 or early 2014. The new hotel, which will include a restaurant, is being carved out of Covington’s vintage city hall building. And it’s safe to say the upscale boutique property will be the first of its kind in Covington.

Robinson is a firm believer that any hotel must first win over the residents of the town where it is situated if it hopes to be successful. “It’s imperative for a hotel to embrace the local community,” he said.

Full story: Chicago Business Journal

PHOTO: Covington City Hall, future site of The Hotel Covington/RCN file