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The Effect of the Fiscal Cliff on Goetta

Could the "fiscal cliff" have an effect on the goetta business? Yes, according to the leader of Covington-based Glier's Goetta who spoke to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM):

They’ve already had to delay buying two new smokehouses, critical upgrades to their facilities, and the purchase of a new boiler with the hopes that the old one will hold out until the economy picks up again.


Dan Glier, owner of Glier’s Meats, says the number one thing affecting his business is uncertainty. “We are trying to plan for next year, to invest where we need it, and it’s next to impossible. We’re basically pulling numbers out of the sky as we’re making our budget – and because of that, I can’t make the improvements we badly need. I just don’t know if the money is going to be there.”


“I hope I don’t have to make further cuts. We want to do right by the people who work for us,” said Mr. Glier. “We’ve already made many cuts and if we have to keep doing so it will cut our legs right out from under us. The political posturing and verbal swordplay does nothing for the small business owners in this country. It’s time for Washington to put all of that aside and just get down to business. Offer up a solution that works and keeps us doing what we want – working for our communities.”

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PHOTO: via Glier's Goetta Facebook page