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River's Edge Development Shows Progress in Covington's Eastside

From the Housing Authority of Covington:

The Housing Authority of Covington is looking forward to a great year! A brand new year always brings with it a brand new start. Out with the old! Bring in the new with all of the hope and excitement new beginnings can provide. We are very excited to start the year with a new Mayor and Commission that have such great plans and hopes for this city. As always, we will continue to work together to make Covington a great place to live.

As you can see in the attached pictures, and also if you travel Greenup Street, River's Edge at Eastside Pointe is going up. The entire site is coming to life. The eastern portion of the site has foundations and slab poured, curbs and gutters for parking lots are going in and as of today, one building has the walls going up.

The ground on the western portion of the site is covered with mountains of soil. The ground in that area is being compacted in before any construction may take place there. There is a bit more remedial work that needs to be finished on the west side of the square.

Photo: Walls going up on a building at River's Edge at Eastside Pointe/Housing Authority of Covington