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Watch: Live Webcam of Kentucky Peregrine Falcon's Nest of Eggs

The Louisville Gas & Electric Company installed a live webcam outside a generating station in southwest Jefferson County about seven years ago.

Its aim was to capture peregrine falcons nesting in the nest box the utility installed.

This morning there is a mother falcon resting on top of her eggs, at least one of which has already hatched. Could be some exciting viewing for a slow Thursday!

WFPL has some advice about watching the mama falcon hog the screen time:

This is apparently normal...right after the chicks begin hatching, the female falcon gets back on the eggs, sitting slightly higher, until all of the chicks are hatched. This could take a day or so, so keep checking back. Once all the eggs are hatched, they won't learn to fly for about 40 days, so there will be plenty of time to spy on fluffy falcon chicks in the nesting box.

Tune in to the live webcam: Click Here