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Ludlow School Board Takes Full 4% Tax Increase

In a brief, special meeting Monday night, the Ludlow Board of Education voted to increase the school tax by 4 percent, the maximum allowable by the state for school boards to levy without a special meeting.
“Currently the tax is 77.3 percent,” said board member Cindy Powell, who has been a member since 2009. “When you take in consideration the compensating rate as well as the subsection rate, the new tax rate will be 78.4 percent. This will take effect next January.”
What the tax hike means is that each household in the Ludlow school district will pay approximately $19 more each year. The tax rate is based on revenue. The Board had to hold the meeting to decide on the tax rate because the decision had to be turned in to the state by September 18.
“The vote was unanimous,” said Amy Hayden, who has been on the school board for four years and is up for election in November.
The next regular meeting of the Ludlow School Board is Thursday, September 18.
Previously the board would meet on the fourth Monday of each month, but the date of the regular meeting has officially been changed to the third Thursday of the month. The time will remain the same, at 7 pm, and the meetings will still held at the building next to the High School on Elm Street.
Dayton Independent Schools also took the full 4% increase while the Covington Board of Education is expected not to take the increase.
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Photo via Ludlow Schools