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Petition: Save the Bavarian Brewery Building

The historic Bavarian Brewery building faces possible demolition as its owner, Columbia-Sussex, may seek permission to raze the nineteenth century property.

The River City News broke the story last week that the former brewery and, more recently, entertainment venue could soon meet the wrecking ball. Now, a petition is online urging Columbia-Sussex to reconsider. 

"If the imagination of Columbia Sussex'(s) leadership can't figure out what to do with the property, just sell it. Sell it for a loss. Why punish the community because you made a bad and speculative business decision(?)," asks the creators of the petition.

The building was purchased in the past decade with the hopes of it becoming the site of a casino. However, expanding gaming never came to fruition in Kentucky, leaving the owners holding an empty bag and an empty building.

The petition has close to 200 signatures.

See the petition here.

See the Save the Bavarian website here.

-Staff report

Photos: Bavarian Brewery Building/RCN