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Ken Rechtin's Another Voice: On Election Day, Don't Vote for the Party

About two weeks ago “Another Voice” readers had the opportunity to reply to a short poll measuring their choices in the upcoming gubernatorial election.
The respondents self­-identified as either Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Independent. They then choose who they were going to vote for in the fall election. They could choose Republican Matt Bevin, Democrat Jack Conway, independent Drew Curtis, or Undecided.
Here are the results:
While almost equal percentages of Republicans (63%) and Democrats (62%) are going to vote for their party’s candidate, a surprising 26% of Republicans were still undecided. This is in contrast to only 3% of the Democrats selecting “undecided”. And a surprising 34% of the Democrats will be voting for either Bevin or Curtis. Only 12% of the Republicans are leaving their party and voting for either Conway or Curtis.
There are ZERO Libertarians indicating that they will vote for Conway. And only 20% of the Independents will be voting for Conway!
16% of the Democrats said that they will be voting for Curtis and only 8% of the Republicans will jump ship and vote for the Independent Curtis.
Here is what I think this means:
Bevin has work to do to solidify his base. Many of his party regulars are still unconvinced. I am sure that Bevin’s campaign staff is well aware and will be doing everything possible to bring out the faithful. At the end of the day, the Republican Party does an outstanding job of bringing out their straight ticket voter. The undecided Republicans will end up being convinced and will vote with the party.
The Conway campaign has work to do as well. With apologies to Wil Rogers, Democrats are not members of an organized political party. They listen to the beat of their own drummer. They make up their own mind. When asked to stay in line with the party choice, they ask, Why?
Conway has a lot of work to do to answer that question.
The effect of the independent Curtis campaign is not to be dismissed. Because of the “independence” of Democrats, many more of them indicate that they will be voting for Curtis!
At this stage of the campaign, I believe that here in NKY Bevin will be the clear and decisive winner.
Now, onto this week’s column (continued on next page).