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Northern Kentucky Bars to Add Theatre to the Menu in Pint-Sized Plays

Ready for a new kind of good time at your favorite pub? How about adding a couple of “pint-sized” comedies to your evening’s entertainment?

A couple of years ago, Ft. Thomas playwright Teri Foltz came across the Pint-Sized Plays (10 minutes or less) international competition (held in Wales) and thought – what a good idea!

Foltz entered and went browsing the web and discovered that the San Francisco Theatre Pub presented pint-sized plays and she thought, why not here? Voila, a Pint-Sized Plays series is about to debut at Northern Kentucky watering holes, with five evenings booked through June.

Foltz’s partner in writing and producing quick comedies is fellow Ft. Thomas playwright Angela Klocke Forbes, who has had several short plays produced at Village Players.  

“We’d been writing these for years and years,” Forbes says. “We talked last summer and we got serious in late fall.”

The idea is to present staged readings of two sets of two shows each evening. Comedy will be on the menu -- because, really, Pint-Sized Plays are about a good time. And there may be drinking games. The plan is to change up the programs so no one sees the same line-up twice.

The shows are free, although a tip jar will pass around the room to compensate the actors.

A taste of what you’ll see:

An angst-ridden barista writes haiku on his customers' cups and faces the horrible fact that he may be in love.

A suburban couple's sex game is interrupted by a burglar who turns out to be the key to spicing up their relationship.

Strangers meet in a laundromat and discover they may not be strangers after all.

Ex-lovers take the same elevator ride and revisit mutual attraction and mutual aversion.

Two people in a waiting room in an alternate reality deal with revenge, comfort, courage and alien overlords.

Putting on Pint-Sized Plays hasn’t been all about creativity.

“Legwork” is also a big part of the process, Forbes says. “We went to a lot of local bars.”

Foltz and Forbes produced a preview at Village Players a few months ago for bar owners and friends. More friends than bar owners attended, but they did get a couple of bookings. They warmed-up with a few winter dates in Over-the Rhine.

Now the fun moves to Norther Kentucky, always starting at 8 p.m.:

March 17 and April 1: Midway Café, 1017 South Ft. Thomas Ave., Fort Thomas.

April 26, May 31, June 28: Old Fort Pub, 1041 South Ft. Thomas Ave., Fort Thomas

Forbes says they would like to maintain momentum with summer dates and that she and Foltz are “open to the idea of other playwrights.” She laughed, “We might be exhausted!”

Keep up with Pint-Sized Plays on Facebook by clicking here.

Written by Jackie Demaline, RCN Arts

Photo provided