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Riverfest 2016: Covington, Newport & Bellevue Road Closures, Other Rules



The No Tailgating Ban will be strictly enforced: There will be no tailgating permitted on any public right of way or city-owned property, including parks or privately-owned property within the Riverfest Event Area.

Once you park you will not be permitted to consume alcohol or grill out at your vehicle. Open alcohol containers in a public location are a violation of state law and violators will be dealt with appropriately, police said in a news release.

Do not follow the direction of your GPS because many streets in Bellevue, Newport, and Covington will have changed from their regular traffic flow patterns to accommodate the increased traffic. Follow the signs or directions given by Bellevue Police officers or VIPS.

The ramp leading to northbound I-471 will not open until the pedestrian traffic has cleared out of the event area. Expect to wait 30 minutes after the fireworks end before traffic is allowed to move west on Fairfield Ave.

The southbound ramp will not open until all the shuttle buses have departed Cowens Drive, which should be 45 minutes after the fireworks end. Memorial Parkway ramps will not close and it is suggested that you use those ramps. Please remember everyone did not arrive in town at the same time so everyone can not expect to leave at the same time. Exiting Bellevue to the south is your best option, police said.

All parking regulation will be enforced throughout the city and those violators blocking the roadway or parked in a prohibited location will be towed. Premium paid parking will be available on the lot of The Party Source after 3:00 p.m.

A Mobil Command Center will be located in The Party Source lot next to the New Riff Distillery should you need a police officer.

-Staff report

Photo: Fireworks at Riverfest in 2014 (RCN file)