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Jeff Ruby to Give NKU Students & Others Steak Dinners After All

He made a promise to buy a steak dinner for all Northern Kentucky University students if the #15-seed NKU Norse pulled off the upset Friday night in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. But the #2-seed Kentucky Wildcats held on to prevail, 79-70.

Cincinnati restaurateur Jeff Ruby is looking to make good on his promise in a different way.

Ruby - whose famed restaurants include the Precinct and his namesake location in downtown Cincinnati - announced Monday that he would offer each student graduating from NKU a free steak dinner, and will do the same for the next four years for graduating seniors.

“These students, what they’ve accomplished is amazing,” Ruby said. “Although they didn’t win this particular game, we really felt compelled to reward them and their fellow students with something to honor their achievement.”

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Additionally, Ruby has promised to extend the gift to yearly graduates from Xavier University, University of Cincinnati, University of Dayton, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, and Vanderbilt University. The Ohio State University will follow next year after Ruby’s Columbus location opens in Fall 2017.

“These 7 universities produce terrific young adults,” Ruby said. “With graduation on the horizon and with each school’s NCAA Tournament participation, we thought this would be a great way to recognize both the athletic as well as academic achievement of the talented young leaders from all of these great schools.”

Ruby’s 4 upscale steakhouses in Ohio and Kentucky reside just miles from the schools he plans to honor. He is currently putting his surrogate son Griffin Urlage through NKU and acknowledges the impact these universities have on their communities.

“I’ve seen first hand just how important these schools are to our area,” Ruby said. “We’ll all feel the positive impact these graduates will make, this is a great opportunity to give them a little something as they get started. We’re coming off our best year in company history, this is a way to say thanks. We’re fortunate to be able to do this.”  

Specific details have yet to be announced, however Ruby confirmed they will be released in the coming weeks on the company’s website.

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