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Covington Officers Join Kids in Impromptu Game of Kickball

Community policing in action was witnessed in Covington's City Heights this week.

A "potentially serious call" had just wrapped up, according to Covington firefighter David Kennedy, and when the work was finished, two Covington Police officers joined in a nearby game of kickball.

Kennedy shared a couple of pictures of the event on Facebook and gave The River City News permission to share them. 

"Sometimes in our line of work we see the absolute worst in people," Kennedy wrote. "(Here) is a glimpse of seeing the absolute best in people. What you see are two Covington Police officers taking time out of their busy night to join in a game of kickball with kids in the neighborhood. Did they have to do this? Absolutely not. Why did they do it then? The reason is because they are good human beings who want nothing more (than) to go home at the end of their shift and make a positive impact in their community while on their shift.

"While these officers would rather do this gesture without people noticing, it is important to see the insurmountable amount of good that they do each and every day."

-Staff report

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