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Tenant, Housing Authority of Covington Settle Dispute Before Human Rights Commission

The Kentucky Human Rights Commission issued its May rulings on Friday, including a case involving the Housing Authority of Covington and a tenant.

In the case of Victoria Bandy v. Housing Authority of Covington:

Victoria Bandy in January 2017 complained to the commission alleging her landlord discriminated against her on the basis of the protected class of sex or gender in the area of housing.

This would be a violation of the Kentucky Civil Rights Act fair housing law section and the U.S. Fair Housing Act.

Bandy claimed after making some phone calls for police protection when she believed she and her family had their physical safety threatened in a matter of domestic affairs, the Housing Authority of Covington moved to evict her as a tenant.

The Housing Authority of Covington denied the allegations and asserted it did not attempt to evict Bandy based on sex.

Before the commission made a determination, the parties chose to resolve the complaint with a conciliation agreement.

The landlord agreed to dismiss the eviction. Bandy agreed the activities of all household members and guests or any other persons on the premises under the resident’s control are the responsibility of the leaseholder. The housing authority agreed it does not have a policy against individuals calling the police for protection and that tenants will not be evicted because they have made calls to the police. Bandy agreed she is responsible for paying the balance of her rent.

The agreement does not constitute an admission of liability or wrongdoing, including but not limited to, any violation of the Kentucky Civil Rights Act, KRS Chapter 344 et. seq. or Federal Fair Housing act as amended, 42 USC 3601 et seq., all of which are specifically denied. The parties acknowledge that these conciliations are a compromise of disputed claims.

-Staff report

Photo: Downtown Covington (RCN file)