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Changes Ahead for Parking in Covington, Mainstrasse Village

The City of Covington may soon see significant changes to parking in its highly trafficked downtown areas.

Carl Walker, Inc., the Michigan-based engineering firm hired by the city to explore its parking situation, offered some suggestions to the city commission.

Andy Miller, a consultant from the firm, said that while many new parking structures that are in the process of being built as part of various projects like 501 Main, Duveneck Square, and John R. Green, which, together, will add hundreds of new apartments, there are still parking issues that need to be addressed.

Miller added that the city will have to implement a pay-to-park system throughout the downtown area due to an increased demand for parking and the need to expand it.

In addition, Miller suggested that the city needs to re-implement residential parking zones in areas like Mainstrasse and the Mutter-Gottes areas, because once 501 Main is completed, residents will have to pay to park there, and those avoiding paying to park there will flood the surrounding neighborhoods and cause major issues for current residences and businesses in the area.

Miller informed the commission that they will need to make upgrades to the technology used for parking around the city as well.

Other suggestions Miller made to the commission include:

  • Installing parking payment systems that allow credit card or pay-by-phone systems

  • Extended metered hours to include evenings and Saturdays to increase revenue

  • Increased marketing for public parking spaces

City seeks public input on Mainstrasse parking

City Engineer Mike Yeager presented his final opinions for parking alternatives to address parking spaces lost by the 501 forthcoming Main project. They include:

The city is soliciting public feedback. Contact Yeager at 859-292-2153 or [email protected].

The city commission will formally adopt a mitigation plan at the Legislative meeting on Tuesday, June 27.

By the end of July, approximately 84 public parking spaces will be impacted during the construction of the 501 Main parking garage in the MainStrasse neighborhood.

In order to try and mitigate the loss of these spaces during construction, the City has developed a proposed parking mitigation plan, featuring the following parking options and final recommendations:

Weekday/Daytime parking plan
  • encourage employees to park on the east side Philadelphia Street between 5th and 6th Streets (15 spaces)
  • encourage employees to park along the railroad in the House of Orange lot (17 spaces)
  • make 7th Street one-way from Main Street to Philadelphia Street (24 spaces)
  • make 8th Street one-way from Main Street to Philadelphia Street (25 spaces)

Evening/Weekend parking plan


  • pay lot at Designs Direct, $5 on Friday from 6 p.m. to midnight, and Saturday from 5 p.m. to midnight (42 spaces)
  • encourage employees to park at IRS lot (28+ spaces)
  • City of Covington and 501 Main developer Flaherty and Collins subsidize valet to allow $3 fee instead of $5 lot, and lot will be open to the general public for free as well (300 spaces)

To see a map of the proposed changes, click here (PDF).

-Carrie Crotzer, RCN contributor

Photo: Mainstrasse Village (RCN file)