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Women at Work, Too: Sisters Ask Edgewood to Change Construction Signs

The signs read, "Men at Work".

But there are women working, too.

At Monday night's Edgewood city council meeting, sisters Anna Claire and Katherine West asked the city to address the issue after they saw women working near the men-specific signs. Perhaps the roadside signs could be changed to "workers"?

The West sisters offered a quick presentation and said that those on council with daughters would want the signs to be correct, no? A new sign, they argued, would cost about $23 and if it wasn't the city's responsibility, the Wests wanted to know where to turn.

Mayor John Link said that most of the signs belong to the construction company, though City Administrator Brian Dehner said that the city owns some signs and that he would be glad to change them. Dehner also said that in future projects, the city could specify in contracts that the signs should be gender-neutral.

Link invited the Wests to attend the Kenton County Mayors Group meeting in Edgewood on August 19 to discuss the issue with all the county's cities at once. Anna Claire, a senior at Dixie Heights High School, liked the idea, but Katherine, a student at Furman University in Greenvile, South Carolina, will be back at school.

Other notes:

The city set the ad valorem tax rate on real estate at .253 per $100 of assessed value.  

This is up 4 percent from last year's rate of .244 per $100 of assessed value.  

Council listened to the first reading of the new rate, and had some discussion on the subject. Councilmen Jeff Schreiver and Tony Ward expressed their feelings of being on the fence about the raise and not wanting to take the whole 4 percent. But then Councilman Joe Messmer echoed what Mayor Link and Dehner said about the city having to do so much infrastructure work this year, and the fact that the city has been chipping away at its savings to be able to do the projects that keep the city the way they want it to be for the residents.  

Eventually, they all were on board with the increase. The second reading will be August 21.

Council also passed a resolution supporting the separation of the CERS and the KRS pension systems.

Mayor Link announced the Tuesday evening summer concert series would feature the Florence Community Band on August 15. The last Shakespeare in the Park performance will be Romeo and Juliet on August 22 at Presidents Park.  

Yoga classes will run from August 28 to November 6 on Monday evenings for $50, and all participants will have to register.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Photo: Anna Claire and Katherine West speak to Edgewood City Council (RCN)