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No Charges Against Turkeyfoot Teacher Who Brought Gun Handled by Juvenile

No charges will be filed against the Turkeyfoot Middle School teacher who brought a gun to the school earlier this month. New information reveals that the firearm was handled by a juvenile.

According to investigators, the teacher did not appear to knowingly bring the firearm to the campus on Thursday, August 17. State law would be violated if a firearm had been brought knowingly on campus.

Edgewood Police responded to Turkeyfoot in reference to a report of an employee who had brought a gun to school. After reviewing the very thorough investigation of the Edgewood Police detectives, there is no probable cause to believe the possession of the firearm on school property in this instance was done “knowingly” therefore no charges will be filed, the Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Office.

The school employee who was the subject of this investigation has been a teacher for twenty-one years and has no criminal history and there is no known disciplinary history with her employer, the prosecutor's office said. She is also legally licensed to carry concealed deadly weapons (CCDW). On the day in question, school was not in session and no students were present. The teacher involved had been carrying the weapon for personal protection all summer, a news release said. 

Every indication is the teacher simply forgot to remove the gun from her purse before entering the school for in-service training, the release said.

Investigation: Juvenile handled gun

The purse left behind in a classroom by the unidentified teacher was left in an unlocked classroom after a staff member had entered to install computer software.

An investigation revealed that the classroom was not secured and that the failure to relock the door allowed a juvenile - who was not a Turkeyfoot student - to enter and handle the firearm after rifling through the purse.

According to the investigation, the juvenile allegedly lied about the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the gun. Ultimately, the juvenile admitted to removing the gun from the purse and removing the bullets. The juvenile attempted to conceal the theft of the bullets by flushing them down a school toilet, a news release said.

It is unclear why the student, who came to the school with another employee, was left unattended in the school, investigators said.

In Kentucky, juvenile offenses are not within the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth’s Attorney unless the juvenile is transferred to Circuit Court to be tried as an adult. There is nothing about this case to suggest that if any charges were filed against the juvenile, they would be transferred to adult court, thus the Commonwealth’s Attorney Office will not comment further on the possibility of juvenile charges, a news release said.

There has never been any suggestion the teacher involved had any motive or intent to harm anyone at the school.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher