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Ken Rechtin: Remembering Newport Commissioner Fred Osborg

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.”

It’s not really a rainy day; but, at 10:00 a.m. sitting on the deck overlooking the garden, the overcast sky and the grass soaked from last night’s rain make it feel like one.

As for Monday…it’s Tuesday morning! Even to a retired old man, the day after Labor Day sure feels like a Monday.

What really gets me down, is that today we say farewell to Fred Osburg.

A person’s net worth is not measured by wealth accumulation or power or political influence or status. Real worth is measured by how much your life has impacted others. By this measurement, Fred’s life was PRICELESS!

You could say that Fred’s impact was minimal and barely measurable. By the world’s standards, he had only a small sphere of influence here in NKY. His influence was within the City of Newport, the Campbell County Democratic Party, the Knights of Columbus, and a circle of family and friends.

But, this is how I remember Fred’s influence:

In the late 70s I remember Fred supporting, counseling and managing three young men in their efforts to get elected and make changes in our city.

In the early 80s I remember Fred getting elected to City Commission and, along with the other NewPac folks, passing legislation which began the cleanup of the seedy aspects of Monmouth Street.

I remember Fred selling Knights of Columbus Tootsie Rolls to raise money in the effort to eliminate abortion.

I remember Fred fundraising for and coaching fellow candidates.

I remember Fred counseling and sponsoring fellow addicts.

Fred’s impact was always quiet, personal and thoughtful. Fred was, as one past Newport City Commissioner said, “A very kind man.” Fred was never boastful, pushy or arrogant.

Fred was not perfect. He shared his mistakes so that others could/would learn from his experience.

Fred was a good man, a good husband, a good father, a good public servant, a good sponsor to others, a good counselor and a good Democrat.

Fred was a “good and faithful servant”.I will miss him.

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Photo: Fred Osborg (provided)