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City Approves Many Promotions at Covington Police & Fire

Covington City Hall was packed on Tuesday night as the city commission approved many promotions in the police and fire departments.

The newly promoted firefighters and officers each took a turn at the podium to thank their families who were in attendance.

Fire Department Promotions

Captain/Paramedic Michael Bloemer to Battalion Chief

Captain/Paramedic Micah Foster to Battalion Chief

Lieutenant/Paramedic Tara Black to Captain/Paramedic

Lieutenant/Paramedic Douglas Veselsky to Captain/Paramedic

Lieutenant Corey Deye to Captain

Lieutenant John Hofstetter to Captain

Engineer Craig Vogelpohl to Lieutenant

Engineer Gary Rucker to Lieutenant

Firefighter Daniel Decarlo to Lieutenant

Firefighter Amy Gray to Lieutenant

Firefighter Scott Moellinger to Engineer/Paramedic

Firefighter David Studer to Engineer

Firefighter Tim Reder to Engineer

Police Department Promotions

Lieutenant Colonel Brian Steffen to Assistant Chief of Operations

Captain Patrick Swift to Assistant Chief of Services

Lieutenant Brian Valenti to Captain

Sergeant Justin Wietholter to Lieutenant

Detective James West to Sergeant

Cadet John Mairose III to Patrol Officer

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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