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New Sandwich Shop Thrives Near NKU

After roughly a year in operation, a Highland Heights sandwich shop is growing with the flow of Northern Kentucky University students.

Pita Pit extended its hours to midnight to accommodate the late-night eating habits of students.

"Students make up a pretty good portion of our business," said co-managing partner Jim Swan. "Business is always better when somebody is on campus."

Swan was looking for a franchise opportunity when he landed on Pita Pit. He had a connection to the owner of a Pita Pit franchisee in Huntington, West Virginia and went to check it out. "We got to see both the corporate side and the guy-in-the-store-every day-side," he said. From there, he knew that he wanted to introduce the chain to the Northern Kentucky market.

"There are tons of different sandwich franchises and concepts and this is a different take on that," Swan said. "And, we're healthy. And we try to get you in and out of here as fast as we can."

Now, Swan is the guy-in-the-store-every day, bringing his experience from hotels and customer service to the food industry. "I had some restaurant experience but not a ton. Pita Pit is really good at training and getting you to a point where you can manage and own a restaurant," he said.

And now the business is doing well, boosted by the growing campus next door.

"We definitely like the balance that the area had," Swan said. "It not only had residential but it also had plenty of businesses in the area and the university as well."

Customers are responding, he said.

"One of the greatest things about us is, we have tons of options and all the ingredients are fresh," he said. Customers can choose from meat, veggie, or breakfast pitas, all made in view while you wait.

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the store is now open until midnight to attract more student customers.

"Things are going pretty good," Swan said. "We had a good first year and we're definitely looking forward."

Pita Pit is located at 2740 Alexandria Pike in Highland Heights.

Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photos provided