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Edgewood to Set Rental Rates for New White House at Presidents Park

Edgewood city council discussed the new furnishings for the White House, a new addition to Presidents Park.

City Administrator Brian Dehner said that insulation and drywall are set to be installed in the coming days, so what furnishings to place inside was next on the list.

Councilman Jeff Schreiver led the discussion and said that he had priced furnishings that he thought would be appropriate for the new house. At a cost of about $25,000, he identified bar stools, couches, chairs, tables, a vanity, and a loveseat. The price could be lower, he said, but noted that the estimate did not include TVs or WiFi, which were included in the original budget approved by council.

Prices for renting the new White House were also discussed.

The new building will be able to seat around 40 people or entertain an audience of 60 who are standing. Prices for halls around the region were checked out and council decided to charges $350 for weekday events, $500 for Friday and Sunday events, and $600 for Saturday events.

Council decided that instead of having a discount for residents of Edgewood, the city would only have a discount of $50 for veterans. Council will vote on the prices at its next meeting.

Other notes:

Fire Chief Chris Amon told council about the new cardiac monitor that he said is already in use.

The new monitor was budgeted at a price of $36,000, and the actual price came in at $32,000. Then, because Edgewood is a backup department for St. Elizabeth Hospital, the department asked if the hospital would be willing to help with the price of the monitor, and St. Elizabeth decided to contribute $10,000. Added to that is a trade-in allowance for the old monitor of $300.

All in all, the price for the city was reduced to below $20,000.

Councilman Joe Messmer said he had received a few calls about the state of disrepair of some of the playgrounds, specifically in Presidents park. Since the playground nearest the front of the park has recently been renovated, the playground to the rear of the park seemed to be where the problem was. It was decided that the city would look at what it could do to replace the old equipment, and at the same time look at putting in some disc golf stations.  

Dehner said he would like to also look at upgrades on the equipment at Freedom park.

Mayor John Link announced that Spooky Sunday would be October 22, at 4 p.m., beginning with a parade from St. Pius to Presidents park, where the party will continue.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor