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Hamilton, Ohio Looks to Covington for Inspiration in Urban Renaissance

In its quest to build upon the urban renaissance, the City of Hamilton, Ohio is turning to Covington.

Members of 17 Strong - an initiative to revitalize Hamilton's seventeen neighborhoods - and some civic and city officials visited Covington late last week.

The Journal-News reports:

One suggestion they got from the Kentucky community organizers: Have events that are fun and bring people together, something that has worked in Covington.

“Some of our longtime, tried-and-true neighborhood leaders, they get so darn serious about things,” said Rachel Hastings of Covington. “They think that Covington is the only place on the planet, and we’re like, ‘Let’s also remember to have some fun, because if you’re just always so serious and not having fun, then other folks are going to be like, ‘Why should I be involved with those people?’”

Like Hamilton’s 17 Strong “micro-grants” of up to $3,000 for a neighborhood that have been offered since last year, the Center for Great Neighborhoods for about 10 years has offered grants of up to $5,000 for community-building projects. A top goal of Covington grants, like those in Hamilton, is to help engage new people in each neighborhood.

In 2013, The River City News visited Hamilton to compare its progress and challenges with those of Covington's.

To read the Journal-News article - written by Mike Rutledge, who previously covered Covington and Newport for the Enquirer - click here.

-Staff report

Photo: A building in downtown Hamilton (RCN file)