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Christ Hospital Launches New Go-To Mobile App for Expectant Mothers

The Christ Hospital Network launched a new program for expectant mothers in the region.

BabyGiggles is designed to be the go-to mobile companion for all things maternity. From educational resources that help guide her through all of the unknowns of pregnancy, to engaging features that allow her friends and family to follow their journey, BabyGiggles is a one-of-a-kind platform, customized to a woman’s maternity experience.

“We’re thrilled to offer this new platform to existing patients and women throughout the region,” said Leanne Olshavsky, M.D., Women’s Health Associate Medical Director. “We know our patients are immersed in digital technology, and BabyGiggles is our response to their desire to have information at their fingertips, from trusted providers at The Christ Hospital Physicians.”

BabyGiggles features educational information developed by obstetricians at The Christ Hospital. Patients simply click on the Education icon, and everything they need to know about prenatal care, testing, timing of visits, what to expect each trimester, how to plan for labor and delivery, and more, is readily available. “The unique aspect of BabyGiggles is that all information included has been provided and approved by our physicians, so what you read on this platform is exactly what we would tell you in the exam room. By directing patients to BabyGiggles for information, we know patients and users are receiving valuable information from a trusted source, rather than something they might come across when searching the internet,” said Dr. Olshavsky.

In addition to educational information, BabyGiggles features customizable content that allows patients to create a unique journey profile, specific to their pregnancy. Patients can easily integrate BabyGiggles with their personal Facebook, Twitter and Email accounts, and invite friends and family to follow their pregnancy journey. Friends and family who live out-of-state can stay intimately involved with the pregnancy journey, which has become a very social event. Patients have the option to make their journey as unique as them, with gender reveal announcements, gender polls, naming games, and a gift registry* for connected friends and family. Through these features, The Christ Hospital Health Network continues to enhance the patient experience for expectant women, and the sophistication around BabyGiggles’ customization creates an intimate, boutique digital atmosphere for the woman and her closest friends and family — an offering unique to The Christ Hospital Health Network in Greater Cincinnati.

“For 21 consecutive years, The Christ Hospital Health Network has been a leader in patient experience, and BabyGiggles is our newest innovation in elevating the patient experience by utilizing today’s technology to further educate and engage our patients,” said Mike Keating, President and CEO of The Christ Hospital Health Network.

BabyGiggles launched on Thursday and is accessible through Women near and far are encouraged to visit and experience the platform first-hand.

Note: The gift registry feature is only available to women giving birth at The Christ Hospital Family Birthing Center in Mt. Auburn, and The Christ Hospital Family Birthing Center in Liberty Township once it opens in early 2018.

-Staff report