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First Certified Hemp Seeds Produced in Kentucky Since 1930s

Lexington-based Schiavi Seeds said that it made history for Kentucky's hemp industry.

The company created the first certified hemp seeds grown in the Commonwealth since the 1930s.

The Kentucky Seed Improvement Association (KSIA), a Foundation Seed Organization of the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA), has certified Schiavi Seeds’s Tygra hemp seed variety as AOSCA compliant, an important and significant designation.

This year, Schiavi Seeds has produced approximately 100,000 pounds of AOSCA certified Tygra hemp seeds in collaboration with JT Workman of Clinton, Kentucky, and expects to increase acreage for seed production in the state to 1,000 acres in 2018. More exciting developments are on the horizon, and Schiavi Seeds fully anticipates by the end of the year two more hemp seed varieties, Fibranova and Eletta Campana, being certified under the AOSCA standard.

Per its website, the AOSCA’s mission is “to promote and facilitate the movement of seed or plant products in local, national, and international markets through the coordinated efforts of official seed certification agencies acting to evaluate, document, and verify that a seed or plant product meets certain accepted standards.” Schiavi Seeds recognizes the importance and responsibility of the AOSCA certification and looks forward to continuing to serve Kentucky as it and its farmers continue leading the way in the hemp industry.

-Staff report