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Newport's Green Derby Turns 70

The Green Derby Kentucky Bistro hits a milestone this weekend.

The Newport staple turns 70 years old.

It's celebrating with a 70th anniversary gala weekend celebration on Friday and Saturday.

"It is our belief that things have the meaning we give them. Some things have a very special place in our hearts because of the warm, fun and loving memories that are companions riding along with them. I see this very clearly at the Green Derby," said Melody Brauninger, who owns the restaurant with Michael and Jordan Bauninger, in the weekly City of Newport email blast. "It was my family’s honor two and a half years ago to become stewards of a long tradition.

"The Green Derby is a very meaningful place to me, made real by the rich stories and memories I hear from our customer’s everyday. I would also like to note with deep appreciation that we still have members of the original family working with us today!"

The Green Derby opened at 846 York Street in Newport in 1947.

Chef Jordan Braininger will have a very special menu to reflect on what life was like in 1947.

-Staff report

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