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Covington Appoints New Parking Authority Members

The Covington city commission voted to appoint the five initial members of the newly created motor vehicle parking authority.

The new authority will be responsible for overseeing the city's parking assets, evaluating parking needs, and analyzing potential investments throughout the city. Membership on the authority's board will be for four-year terms, though the inaugural board will have staggered terms.

Attorney Loren Wolff, who served as interim city manager for much of last year, and Ron Washington, the founder of NKY Med Clinic, the methadone clinic on Madison Avenue, were appointed to the two initial four-year terms. They will be joined by downtown developer Kelly Charlton (three-year appointment), Permakill Pest Control owner Ray Hardebeck (two-year term), and restaurant owner and developer Paul Weckman (one-year term).

With the staggered terms, one new member will be rotated in each year.

City Manager David Johnston will serve as the executive director of the parking authority.

While the new authority will manage parking, any changes to policy or projects - and its budget - will have to be approved by the city commission.

“The city is not giving up title to the city’s assets, they are just primarily managing the city’s assets,” Johnston said of the new board. “They may want to pledge our assets to back something, but it won’t be without the owner’s consent, which is the city, via city commission.”

Other notes:

  • The commission again delayed a vote on a proposed social media policy that would limit or eliminate public comments on city-operated platforms. City Commissioner Tim Downing was absent from the meeting, and he had voiced the strongest dissent when the issue was discussed at the previous meeting. It may be taken up again at the next meeting. The policy would prevent private citizens from commenting or responding to any social media posts by the city, and up to seven separate accounts would be controlled by one person in City Hall.

  • The Covington Fire Department and IAFF Local 38 were recognized by the commission for being members of the International Association of Fire Fighters for 100 years. The Covington Fire Department is a charter member of the organization and one of only 12 departments in the state to be a part of the IAFF.

Written by Carrie Crotzer, RCN contributor

Michael Monks contributed

Photo: City Center Parking Garage in Covington (RCN)