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NKY Counties Honored for Tourism Growth

Boone, Campbell, and Kenton Counties received Economic Engine Awards from the Kentucky Travel Industry Association (KTIA) during the meetNKY National Travel & Tourism Week celebration last week.

This award is given to those who have had a significant economic impact on the local economy through tourism. Boone, Campbell, and Kenton County’s high rates of tourism revenue and job creation stand out statewide.

“Today we celebrate the exceptional economic contribution of the tourism industry in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties to their local communities. The investments in marketing Northern Kentucky as a destination has created major economic catalysts for our region,” said Eric Summe, President & CEO of meetNKY. “Congratulations to our region on receiving these Economic Engine Awards.”

Boone County tourism has created more than 6,000 tourism jobs and generated more than $1.69 billion in economic impact annually.

“To those who devote their time to making Boone County an extraordinary place for visitors, thank you. Your positive efforts do not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated,” said Boone County Judge Exec. Gary Moore. “Marketing Boone County not only brings visitors to our community and enhances life for our residents, but it positively affects our state as a whole.”

Campbell County tourism has created more than 2,500 tourism jobs and generated more than $162 million in economic impact annually.

“The economic impacts of the tourism industry to both our local communities and our great Commonwealth cannot be understated. Campbell County’s increased visitors demonstrate the positive effects of tourism marketing,” said Campbell County Judge Exec. Steve Pendery. “The work carried out by our travel related businesses continue to make our community a wonderful place to live, and we thank you.”

Kenton County tourism has created over more than 4,900 tourism jobs and generated more than $1.19 billion in economic impact annually.

“Being recognized with the Economic Engine Award is a great honor for Kenton County,” said Kenton County Judge Exec. Kris Knochelmann. “I would like to thank our tourism businesses for their dedication to improving our community, and for the visitors they attract to our region.”

“Tourism is a vital part of Kentucky’s economy, as shown by Boone, Campbell and Kenton County’s successes,” said Majority Floor Leader Sen. Damon Thayer. “Congratulations and thank you to the tourism related businesses that make Kentucky a destination for visitors around the world.”

Summe presented the Economic Engine Award to Boone County Commissioner Charlie Walton, Campbell County Commissioner Brian Painter, and Kenton County Commissioner Jon Draud.

“Boone County is a unique treasure in our state, and I would like to thank meetNKY and our local attractions for marketing our community to visitors,” said Commissioner Walton. “The hard work from the tourism businesses in our community has significant impacts on our local economy, and for that, they deserve this recognition.”

“Receiving this award is a tremendous honor and one that we owe to our tourism industry, which works tirelessly to support our community,” said Commissioner Painter. “Congratulations to each county represented here today for their work in expanding our region’s economic growth.”

“Kenton County is making great strides in economic development and a lot of that has to do with our tourism-related businesses,” said Commissioner Draud. “Without the employment and financial support that they provide, and the visitors they attract, our area would not be recognized today. I congratulate the industry on their well-earned award.”

“Tourism is a big part of Northern Kentucky’s economy,” said Sen. Wil Schroder. “We are grateful for the people who have invested their time and money into tourism businesses that make Campbell County a great destination.”

“Northern Kentucky is a great place to call home. We are proud that Northern Kentucky continues its progress as a growing destination for visitors,” said Rep. Diane St. Onge. “We know our area to be an exceptional place to work and to raise our families. Thank you to the businesses and tourism industry that provide jobs for so many people who call this area home.”

“Tourism is the third largest economic contributor in Kentucky,” said Rep. Adam Koenig. “We appreciate all of the efforts to bring more visitors to the area, as it does so much for our local and state economies and job growth. We are all grateful.”

“We are happy to share Northern Kentucky with so many visitors every year,” said Rep. Dennis Keene. “We know it wouldn’t be possible without the people and businesses that make this area a great place to visit. Thank you to our travel related businesses who continue to market our community.”

Economic Engine Award winners will continue to be awarded across the state to communities with large tourism-directed economic development and job creation.

-Staff report

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