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Schickel Named Champion of Craft Beer

State Senator John Schickel (R-Union) was named the 2018 Champion of Craft Beer by the Kentucky Guild of Brewers.

The organization cited the senator's support and work for the growing craft brewing industry in Kentucky, which now includes sixty-two existing craft breweries and eight in the planning stages.

The award was presented Monday.

“(This) award represents our appreciation for Boone County’s own Senator John Schickel and his willingness to defend the needs of our industry and small businesses,” said Guild President Adam Watson. “In a tough legislative year with difficult financial decisions, Chairman Schickel has been an advocate for issues that affect our industry and promote economic investment, tourism and job creation in the Commonwealth. His support has enabled our industry’s growth, competitiveness with other states and increased investment in Kentucky business expansions. He has provided vision to help us meet the changing market demands. Chairman Schickel has proven that he will fight for issues that help move Kentucky forward.

“The KGB is grateful to Chairman Schickel for his excellent leadership and tireless efforts to advance Kentucky and preserve a business-friendly environment for our Kentucky craft brewers’ manufacturing sector in our state.”

Upon accepting the award, Chairman Schickel spoke about his support for the industry.

“It is an honor to receive this award,” Schickel said. “It has been a privilege to work with the Kentucky craft brewers for the past 10 years helping build their industry in Kentucky. The work that these young entrepreneurs have done is truly amazing, creating a whole new signature industry that we all can be proud of. This is about empowering small business growth and job creation in the Commonwealth. “

-Staff report
Photo:  Derek Selznick, Adam Watson, Senator John Schickel, Jake Rouse, and Daniel “DH” Harrison (provided)