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Driver Approaching Girls in Florence Works for Ride Share, Thought They Called Him

After a full day of social media and news outlet reports about a driver approaching female students in Florence, police reported Tuesday that it was all a misunderstanding.

Turns out, the driver of the vehicle in a widely shared photo - first disseminated by police - works for a ride-share company (like Uber or Lyft) and had been re-directed by the company's app to the wrong location.

His customer was waiting for him on Shenandoah Drive, and police said Tuesday that he mistook the female students for customers.

Following the wide distribution of his vehicle's photo, the driver contacted Florence Police and agreed to an interview. 

Police said the information provided by the driver was verified by the company.

Originally, police said that two girls had been approached by a driver and asked whether they wanted a ride. The girls told their parents who called police, prompting the warning from the department.

"While this incident was determined to be a misunderstanding, the students acted appropriately and we encourage parents to teach their kids how to react should they face a similar situation," Florence Police said in an updated Facebook post. "We want to thank the community for their assistance by helping us resolve the matter quickly and effectively. This case is now closed."

-Staff report