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Ft. Wright, Covington May Trade of Church for Cemetery Land; New Car Wash Planned

The Fort Wright city council will consider a proposal to annex the land where the Community of Faith Presbyterian Church operates.

It is located at 1400 Highland Pike, in Covington, next to the James A. Ramage Civil War Museum.

Covington is looking to use a small portion of the land belonging to the church for the construction of a detention pond. The city offered $2,500 for the land, and in return the church asked to be annexed by Ft. Wright.

Covington Assistant City Manager Frank Warnock told Ft. Wright City Administrator Jill Bailey that it would be a good idea to trade the annexation of the church for the portion of Mother of God Cemetery that sits in Ft. Wright.

The move would place the entirety of the cemetery in Covington's Latonia neighborhood.

Bailey told council that she is waiting on more information from Warnock.

Meanwhile, Ft. Wright will also consider the development of a new car wash on Madison Pike near the Advanced Auto Parts store.

Developers Mike Bradley and Harry Doster said that they are working on six new locations in Lexington, and one in Alexandria/Cold Spring.

The self-serve car wash would need an access road to serve as the entrance and exit, they said. 

Councilman Bernie Wessels said that he liked the concept, and the business was something the city could use, even though it is not a major generator of payroll taxes, but he was concerned about the curb cuts .

Councilman Scott Wall was concerned about the traffic if the car wash would have an especially busy day and the nearby church had an event, there might be too much traffic.

A traffic study would need to be conducted as part of the vetting process by Planning & Development Services.

Council members also decided to reevaluate its street repair list to find ways to spread the funds out across more streets.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor