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Covington Businesses Possible Targets of "Cash Mob"

Cash Mob Northern KY is looking to return to Covington (or other NKY towns) and will base their next location on votes from the public. Last month the grassroots organization "mobbed" the Covington Farmers Market. The goal of a cash mob is to create a larger-than-usual customer base for a business that could use some extra attention and everyone pays cash for their purchases. Cash Mob Northern KY recommends brining twenty bucks in cash to spend and then afterwards the group has lunch at a nearby restaurant. Last month, after the Farmers Market in Roebling Point, the Cash Mob went to Molly Malone's. Here's what the group says about itself:

Cash Mob Northern KY is dedicated to supporting the incredible local shop owners who enrich our community by offering unique places for us to shop, employ our neighbors, and support our overall community.
We are making a difference $20 at a time through random acts of consumerism. Cash Mob Northern KY not only promotes our mobs, but an overall mindset of keeping it local. That is the only way we can make a difference. We promote taking the long way by driving through community streets, not the highway, so you can find those local shops that you might otherwise drive right past.

The Candy Bar and Stoney's All Things Princess and Fairy, both in Mainstrasse Village, are on the current ballot. It's Only Fair is located in Newport, Bunches of Bows is a gift shop and Flying Olive sells "the finest extra virgin olive oil" and both are located in Fort Mitchell, Florence Hardware is in Florence, and the Walk-In-Closet resale shop is in Erlanger. You can vote for your favorite shop and then vote for a neighboring restaurant in a separate poll. That list includes Kocanut Joe's in Fort Mitchell, Avenue Brew and Mrs. Teapots in Bellevue, Otto's and Chez Nora in Covington's Mainstrasse Village, Bourbon House Pizza in Florence, and Reality Tuesday in Fort Wright. As of Sunday morning, Stoney's and Chez Nora lead their respective polls. 
If you would like to vote in the polls, click here. To follow the NKY Cash Mob on Facebook, click here.
PHOTO: Cash Mob at Covington Farmers Market/RCN File


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