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City Hall, Fire Department Reorganization to Be Presented Tuesday

The Covington City Commission will see two important presentations on Tuesday and will then make two important votes related to them. Assistant City Manager Larisa Sims will lay out her proposal for the reorganization of City Hall departments, which may include jobs being eliminated and people working under new titles. Additionally, acting Fire Chief Dan Mathew will give his presentation on how to reorganize his department in order to save roughly $600,000 this fiscal year. Following the presentations which is are slated for the beginning of Tuesday night's meeting, the City Commission vote on whether to approve the plans. 

  • An order abolishing positions in the fire department (most will come through attrition and none through layoffs)
  • Reduction of police sergeant positions from fifteen to fourteen
  • Creation of a municipal arborist position, hiring the municipal arborist
  •  The former Lincoln-Grant High School building will be submitted for the National Register of Historic Places
  • The City will manage the pool at the Boys & Girls Club during the winter months
  • $75,900 concrete maintenance maintenance contract to be awarded to Hendy, Inc
  • There will be two other presentations: one on historic preservation and one by Jerry Avery & Clint Jackson of the Eastside about their Call for Men program in which they hope to have more men involved in the lives of the city's school children


Arborist "paid" in Covington - really?  I love trees and nature and healthy living BUT "If" we're going to spend money on something green why not focus on community gardens.  Plants -green ones, give us oxygen and suck up the CO2 however, trees are limited  -shade, beauty and O2.  Food plants provide so much more!   With all the garbage/chemicals/refined stuff finding its way to our food sources these days why not create healthy controlable food sources ourselves.  Covington has plenty of open or abandon lots that could be put to good use.  Communities could have garden competitions, feed their children healthy free food, bring folks closer -rebuild communities!  They provide income/city revenue while reducing crime.  Yeah -pretty cool huh?  Check out the .pdf file below and see what community gardens can do for Covington.  I vote to have a City Gardener not a City Arborist.