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News Round-Up Tuesday Morning

A 92-year old man shoots and kills an instruder inside his Verona home... Slain KY sheriff's wife dies days after her husband... TV's Starksy to fight drug charge in KY... UK urged to cut ties with coal industry... These are your Tuesday morning headlines...
World War II Vet, 92, shoots and kills intruder

The 92-year-old Boone County farmer walked eight paces to get his loaded .22 caliber rifle from behind the bedroom door. He unwrapped a beige cloth and returned to the living room, sitting in a chair with clear view – and shot – of the basement door, waiting with the gun across his lap.
Some 15 minutes later, when he heard footsteps moving closer up the stairs, he raised the rifle to his eye. The intruder kicked open the door. Jones fixed his aim on the center of the man’s chest and fired a single shot. The Boone County Sheriff later announced the death of the intruder, Lloyd (Adam) Maxwell, 24, of Richmond, Ky.

Full story: Cincinnati Enquirer/Mark Curnutte
KY delegates talk about what to expect in Charlotte Cincinnati Enquirer & cn|2
Lack of electoral significance keeps KY Dems off Convention stage WKYU
Is Rand Paul still the Tea Party favorite? Courier-Journal
Tax fairness group targets Mitch McConnell WFPL
KY has alarming rate of drug-addicted newborns

The number of newborns hospitalized for drug addiction passed on from their mothers has soared in Kentucky over the last decade. Many of the tiny babies are victims of the prescription pill epidemic in Kentucky, where hospitalizations for addicted newborns climbed from 29 in 2000 to 730 last year. The rate has increased to the point that on one day in August at the University of Louisville's neonatal intensive care unit, more than half the babies were suffering from drug withdrawal.

Full story: AP
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Rally planned to urge UK to cut ties with coal industry Herald-Leader
Editorial: UK should lead KY's way from coal Herald-Leader
KY Republicans take to calling House Speaker Stumbo "Pelosi of Kentucky" cn|2
Experts discuss industrial hemp production in KY

Officials said the proposed legislation would exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marijuana. Comer said hemp is a money maker and the commonwealth had just the right environment for the cash crop. “Kentucky has the perfect soil and the climate to be the nation’s top producer of industrial hemp and studies show that it could be the third most profitable crop in Kentucky,” Comer said.

Full story: WKYT
Drought could affect honeybee colonies WFPL
Majority of new jobs pay low wages The New York Times
Instant racing boosts Kentucky Downs Herald-Leader
Kentucky man murdered the day gets out of jail WKYT
Widow dies just days after her sheriff husband, 82, is murdered by man seeking revenge WKYT
Did you know that there was a feud in Kentucky bigger than the Hatfields & McCoys? Herald-Leader
TV's Starsky to fight drug charges in Kentucky Herald-Leader
Dogs, cats keep kids healthier WXIX