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Daytime Curfew Thwarts Sexual Abuse of Covington Teen


A teenager, spotted wandering the streets of Covington in the morning hours of a school day last week, was stopped by a Covington Police officer under the rules of the newly enacted daytime curfew. The teen was taken to Covington Independent Public Schools' central office. Originally, the teen offered the police a false name, concerned that there was a warrant out for the teen's arrest. While talking with a school official, the teen's true identity was eventually revealed and more truth began to emerge. 
The teen admitted to being on the run from a parental figure in Covington, saying that there had been years of sexual and physical abuse in the home. While staying with a relative in Covington who was away for the day, the teen was picked up here and had not attended any school for some time. 
Acting on the tip from the teen, Covington Police interviewed the parental figure who admitted to the abuse and was subsequently arrested on four counts of sodomy. 

The teen is now in a safe place, attending classes. "That was unexpected, you don't ever expect something like that," said Lt. Col. Spike Jones of the Covington Police Department. "But it worked out for (the teen), it got (the teen) to a safe place. (The curfew) seems to be doing what it's supposed to be doing, giving officers an additional tool that they need to pick up kids and get them to a safe place."
Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News