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Ft. Wright Mayor Moves Burlington Business to Covington

The long-awaited widening of MLK Boulevard/12th Street played an important role in the landing of Covington's newest business. Granite World had been operating in Burlington but outgrew its space and when owner Joe Nienaber, also the mayor of Ft. Wright, went looking for a new building, Northern Kentucky's largest city was the perfect fit.  "The revitalization of 12th Street was a huge influence in the decision to locate in Covington, and in particular to that area of Covington," Nienaber said earlier in a release. "It is a beautiful corridor and allows convenient access to the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area."

At Friday night's well-attended open house in Granite World's new space at 14th & Russell Streets, Covington City Manager Larry Klein, who was previously an administrator in Ft. Wright while Nienaber was on the council, told The River City News, "They could have moved anywhere and they chose Covington." Klein is optimistic that once the MLK Boulevard project is fully complete, more businesses will see the same promise that Nienaber did. "The 12th Street Corridor was designed with a vision of increased visitors, residents and businesses to Covington, and Granite World has the potential to bring all three into our community," Klein said.

The new showroom is 8,000 square feet and offers customers the chance to shop for granite indoors in a climate controlled space.
Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News
Photo: Joe Nienaber talks with visitors at Granite World/RCN
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