City Commissioner Writes Checks to Contest Winners

Covington City Commissioner Steve Frank made good on his promise to pay $2,000 for an idea that could help save or make the city some money. The first-term commissioner solicited input from citizens and then allowed a lengthy list of ideas to be voted on by the public. Frank ended up writing two winning checks after the results ended in a tie since both recommended the same thing. Covington firefighter and union leader Mike Clendenen, who has regularly engaged the commissioner in public debates, was one of the winners for his suggestion that the city should raise its rates for EMS runs. The other recipient was retired Ludlow Fire Chief Matt Chastain. The three, according to Frank, spoke at length about how to lobby Frankfort on the issue. "Right now, Medicaid pays us $75 for a $500 ambulance run," Frank said. "This amounts to a tax on cities by the state."

Photo: Steve Frank presents check to Mike Clendenen