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Company Celebrates Ten Years, City Thankful

Tier One Performance Solutions was very close to joining some high profile Covington businesses in exiting the city last October. The firm, specializing in creative learning and technology, had outgrown its space in the former Odd Fellows Hall and was looking elsewhere. Mayor Chuck Scheper had just taken office and jumped into action to retain the company and its one hundred employees. "My first assignment was to visit with the folks at Tier One and try to convince them to stay in Covington ," Scheper said. In January the Covington City Commission approved a one percent occupational tax rebate for the companyand now Tier One has some sweet new offices inside one of the RiverCenter towers where the firm celebrated its first ten years with an open house of its hip new digs.

Located on the first floor of an otherwise typical office building environment, Tier One managed to make their section burst with creativity, removing the dropped ceiling and exposing the industrial bones of the structure, choosing cool paint colors, building a small cafeteria/break room for its employees, a bar for events, a sound-recording room, and even a special permanent room for nursing mothers. Most of it overlooks the Roebling Suspension Bridge and the Cincinnati skyline.

Scheper declared Thursday "Tier One Performance Solutions Day" in Covington and presented a proclamation to the partners that created the firm, Norm Desmarais, Greg Harmeyer, and Kevin Moore. "We put a little something special together here," Desmarais said of the new office, noting that the Northern Kentucky University College of Informatics, Corporex (which manages RiverCenter), and his own staff helped create the environment. "We're really pleased and proud of this and hopefully we'll have a lot more floors of this building someday."

Desmarais and his partners founded the firm in 2002 and located it inside the Madison E-Zone with just three employees and four customers. Tier One has now grown to one hundred employees in seven states and two hundred customers. The firm's anniversary was also celebrated by recently retired United States Congressman Geoff Davis who attended the event Thursday. "I think the character that is reflected by all of you at Tier One typifies your leadership," Davis said. The integrity, honor, showing creativity, self-discipline, helps you find ways to make your customers successful. I think it's one of the reasons you started with three (employees) and you've got a hundred today. I hope you have the whole building when you're done.

"The great thing about this country is having a climate where folks can take their vision, take their dreams, inspire others to join them, convince others to invest their hard-earned capital to move forward. I'm honored to count you guys as friends and I'm looking forward to an exciting future for Tier One."