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Celebration of Ludlow Lagoon Set for Wednesday

From 1895 to 1919 one of the largest amusement parks in the nation operated in tiny Ludlow, Kentucky. The Ludlow Lagoon will be celebrated with a historical retrospective on Wednesday night from 7:00PM - 9:00PM at Circus Mojo (222-6 Elm Street, Ludlow). The event will feature a 3-D computer animation of the buildings as they stood at the Lagoon in 1909. Back then the park boasted of an 85-acre lake, a clubhouse, a boathouse with rented boats, roller coasters over water, an elevated car track, a merry-go-round, dance halls, vaudeville shows, high wire acts, diving horses, and motorcycle racing. While all the buildings are now gone, a special presentation conducted by Kenton County Library executive director and Ludlow native Dave Schroeder will bring the park back to life. There will be drawings, maps, artifacts, and photos of the park. Admission is free.


PHOTO: Ludlow Lagoon via Kenton County Public Library


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