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In this Election, You Can Vote for Same Candidate Twice

In the Fourth District Congressional race there are two candidates but each of them is running to replace retired Republican Geoff Davis and because Davis left office early those two candidates have to run twice. One race is for the originally scheduled regular election and the other is the special election to fill the short remainder of Davis's term. The Republicans nominated former Lewis County Judge-Executive Thomas Massie and the Democrats nominated Williamstown attorney Bill Adkins for both races. The Democratic Party's 4th District Chairs met in Covington on Sunday evening to make Adkins's nomination official. “Bill Adkins has the full support of 4th District Democrats and this was just another chance for us to come together and continue to build excitement for Bill’s campaign,” said Dan Logsdon, Chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party. “The voters of the 4th District know what this election is about; it’s about choosing a path that strengthens the middle class or handing this congressional seat to a man who would destroy Medicare and Social Security. I’m pleased to see so much energy behind Bill’s campaign and believe he is positioning himself for a victory in November.“

Massie had already been nominated by the Republicans for the special election and Monday went to file for the race in person. He jokes on Facebook, "vote early and vote TWICE for Thomas Massie for US House of Representatives."

PHOTO: Thomas Massie files for special election

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