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Emergency Shelter Moves 30 Out of Homelessness (So Far)

The Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky, located on Scott Boulevard in Covington, is celebrating the graduation of thirty men from homelessness to housing. The latest success story is told by the shelter:


Martin came to our shelter after staying at the Drop In for 30 days.  A Gallatin native, he did not know where to go and ended up in downtown Cincinnati and for the most part, the 30 days was spent figuring out how to get around, where to get a free meal and attempting to wait for a job at Minute Men labor pool.  Martin happened to take a walk in Covington and saw the sign on our door with information about our shelter.  Having a Kentucky ID, he was eligible to apply.  Martin has lost his job months ago due to a layoff and slowly but surely lost housing and possessions.  At 56 years of age he was at ground zero looking for a job and was without a home.  Our shelter offered Martin a bed on June 13, 2012 and gave him steps to take that would assist him with recovery from homelessness.  At first these goals were small such as create a resume and obtain a case manager at Welcome House.  Then the goals were to apply for the Senior Training Employment program through Community Action Commission.  We also at Martin apply for Hathaway Court apartment on June 22nd as a possible housing plan (they have a 2-3 month waiting list for people over 55).  The steps became more difficult as we gave Martin a deadline of July 17th to have a job.  Martin soon started Community Action's employment program and two weeks after that secured a job at a food distribution warehouse in Florence.  His next set of goals were financial - opening a bank account and saving 70% of his after tax income.  Hathaway Courts called near the first week of August to say that had an apartment coming available.  Martin received housewares from both our shelter and from Welcome House along with a loaner cot until he has enough money to purchase furniture.  Martin took all that our program had to offer and it paid off. 

Our shelter is holding a graduation party at the end of this month to celebrate those stayed in our shelter and now has housing.  Volunteers Ruth Dickerson and Davey Boyle are hosting and the food has generously been donated by Dave's Barbeque out in Florence.  The Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky closes up our summer program September 21st.  We hope to have at least 5 more graduates by that date.

The shelter also recently shared another success story on September 10:

Today, Tim (age 55)  moves to Regency North Assisted Living, located in the old St. Elizabeth North building.  Tim has had a miraculous journey which stared when he was dropped off in front of our shelter by a van from Eastern State Psychiatric Hospital.  Our shelter received no communication from the Eastern State that Tim would need to stay with us and normally our summer program  would not enter someone in on a minutes notice but for Tim he needed our shelter like people need water.  Tim over the past 10 months had suffered a stroke, a heart aneurism and became suicidal after being kicked out of his Covington home after a domestic dispute. He came to us with mobility issues, memory problems and depression.   We lodged a verbal complain with Eastern State hospital and  then moved on to care for Tim the best we could.  We connected him with Welcome House, made appointments with his family doctor, helped him open a bank account, addressed his Social Security Disability claim and gave him a walking cane.   Weeks one and two made us question rather we were the best place for Tim after he fell two times, one time resulting in a trip to the emergency room.  After being out all day Tim came into our shelter looking as if he had taken three steps back with his health.  Sometimes in the morning he had trouble speaking and walking.  At the end of week two, we called the state’s Adult Protection Services for help.  They told us “he didn’t meet criteria” and so we continued to call them each time he fell and finally when he defecated in his bed while asleep it was enough to meet their criteria.  The Adult Protection Services worker met Tim in our shelter and  did an assessment determining that Tim was a good candidate for personal care assisted living.  Then, a few days later someone from Regency North came to do an assessment and  miraculously a bed was available here in Covington at the new facility within the old St. Elizabeth building.  Tim is from Covington and has lived here all his life with his wife and three kids.  They owned a home at one time but lost that home due to foreclosure and then moved into an apartment.  Non-violent issues between Tim and his wife resulted in Tim becoming homeless.  Tim would one day like to live on his own but knows he needs to have more rehabilitation.  In a perfect world, our shelter would not have been Tim’s home for the last 23 days but a lack of perfection is not something you focus on when a person stands in front of your door in grave need.  Last night one of our other guests walked all the way down to Kroger to pick up a small cake for a going away party for Tim.  Tim’s perseverance and kindness has been an inspiration to all here at the shelter.  Many thanks to Mary from Adult Protection Services, Kelly from Regency North and Jarrett from Welcome House for being on Tim's team to help him find a home. 

To learn more about the Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky, click here.