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Poll: Romney Leads Obama in Kentucky 53-39

The latest Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll of likely voters in Kentucky shows Republican nominee Mitt Romney leading President Barack Obama in the Commonwealth by a margin of 53 - 39. That is only slightly better than how the President fared in 2008 against Republican Senator John McCain in Kentucky:


Since then, Obama has done little to woo Kentucky voters. Other than to land Air Force One in Northern Kentucky before driving to Cincinnati several times, Obama has been to Kentucky only once — to attend a 2011 ceremony at Fort Campbell to honor the Navy SEALs who killed terrorist Osama bin Laden.

“Romney could only wish the election was going to be decided in Kentucky,” said Ted Jackson, a Republican political consultant in Louisville. “We’re a very conservative state, and on issue after issue after issue, Kentuckians just seem to line up better with Romney.”

Democratic political consultant Danny Briscoe of Louisville blamed Obama’s poor poll numbers on racism. “Ohio and Pennsylvania have all kinds of blue-collar people ... they have been hit hard by the economy. Why is (Obama) ahead there and why is he behind in Kentucky? It’s not because they like Romney,” Briscoe said.

See the full results and read more analysis on the poll: Courier-Journal/Joseph Gerth