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Kentucky Police Officer Killed in Crash During Chase

True Blue Warriors tells the story of Hodgenville Police Officer Mark Allen Taulbee who died Sunday after crashing his vehicle during a pursuit:

Officer Mark Taulbee, 43, was killed as a result of a vehicle crash while trying to stop a wanted subject (details below). Born with a soul that has courage to wear the badge, Ofc. Taulbee had been Saving, Serving and Protecting the People for more than 20 years. Brother Mark began his calling when sworn with the Morgan County SO in Kentucky. A man, who like so many of us, realizing his dream of being of Policeman. Ofc. Taulbee took great pride and a lot of joy in his work. He listened, he learned, he trained, he shared and then he listened some more, ever-evolving into a great True Blue Warrior. Ofc. Taulbee was all about making his small corner of the world a safer and better place to live for his fellow Officers, himself, his family and most importantly, for the People. And he did this well. He was fearless and could always be counted on to come running to back up his tour mates with no hesitation nor reservation. Leading by example, Ofc. Taulbee never backed down from being the first into a battle and never left before he knew everyone was safe. But Brother Mark also knew that it was not always about 'getting the bad guy' and that his service to his community went much deeper. He was benevolent to the bereaved and compassionate to the concerns of the residents. Ofc. Taulbee showed no bias and listened, assessed and then took action accordingly. He was not out there to give you a hard time if you took a little misstep. He was fine with giving someone a warning but always backed it up with reason. Garnering much respect throughout his career, this decorated Officer was a great example of what we should all strive and continue to be in representation of our honorable profession. 

After the Morgan PD, Brother Mark signed on with the Butler County Sheriff's Office where he served in fine fashion as a Chief Deputy for three years.13 months ago is when Ofc. Taulbee came to be with the Hodgenville PD. And they were lucky to have him. Bringing his years of learning, training and wisdom, along with his well-balanced demeanor and great sense of humor, Brother Mark settled in very quickly and all he served with, and for, were the better for it. There was just one thing he loved more than being a Police Officer and that was being a husband and dad. Mark new how to enjoy quality time with his family and closest friends and they loved being around a man who truly Lived As Only A Hero Could. This son, husband, father and Brother of Blue will be missed by so very many ... and so few will forget the day he was taken from us too soon ... 

... It was 0343hours and Ofc. Taulbee found himself behind a vehicle driven by a wanted subject of a domestic dispute. Instead of pulling over, the driver decided he would have a better chance trying to outrun the Police ... and he sped off. A pursuit ensued and then something went horribly wrong ... Ofc. Taulbee lost control of his cruiser. While trying to regain control, he over-corrected and spun out. His cruiser left the roadway and struck an embankment causing his vehicle to go airborne, coming to rest in a ditch. Even though Brother Mark took precautions before he began his pursuit and made sure he was belted in, he was ejected during the crash. The driver continued to flee. Ofc. Taulbee was transported to one hospital in critical condition, then flown to another for trauma treatment. Sadly, as hard as this Warrior fought, this was to be his final battle. Police Officer Mark Allen Taulbee succumbed to his massive injuries and was pronounced at 0615hours. 

At 0830hours, the fleeing wanted suspect turned himself in to the Police. He was arrested and booked (name and charges below). 

Mark leaves behind his beloved bride Elizabeth, daughter Audra, 20, and son Austin, 17. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Taulbee family, the Men and Women of the Hodgenville PD, the Morgan County SO, the Butler County SO, and to all whom have had the pleasure and the privilege of working along side this True Blue Hero.

Our Brother, as you now patrol the streets of Heaven may you continue your vigilant watch over us all as we carry on in the battles to come. We thank you for your service and for your sacrifice. We thank you for your life. Job Well Done Sir.

Rest In Peace Police Officer Mark Allen Taulbee ... We have the watch from here. SALUTE!


PHOTO: Via True Blue Warriors