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Mayor Launches Challenge to Covington's Youth

Covington Independent Public Schools released this information Tuesday afternoon:


The Mayor of Covington, Mr. Chuck Scheper, has issued a challenge to the students of Covington. He has set a bold goal of 80% or 3360 of the 4200 Covington students, public and parochial, ages 5 to 18, will complete a Service Learning Project during the 2012-2013 school year  Mr. Scheper is the first mayor in the Greater Cincinnati region to issue such a challenge to the students of his city. Beginning in November and each month thereafter through May, the Mayor and the Covington City Commissioners will honor those students whose Service Learning Projects were chosen by an independent group of Covington citizens for their creativity and impact on the local, regional and international community.

Mr. Scheper is issuing this challenge because

1)      he wishes to honor the many thoughtful students in Covington who make a difference in their community and their world

2)      he wants the many good things done by these students to be more widely known

3)      he believes that sharing the students’ stories will encourage other students to share their talents

Mr. Scheper knows that a large number of energized and committed citizens is the key to a vital city. Engaging students energizes a city now and later.

The Covington Independent Public Schools and the Diocese of Covington are excited to participate in this challenge. They know that students who complete Service Learning projects are practicing twenty-first century skills like analyzing a situation or problem, creating a plan, working with others to successfully execute the plan, and reflecting on what they learned during the process. Educators know that Service Learning is a proven teaching methodology because students retain what they are learning longer if they use it to help someone else. Both the Covington Independent Public Schools and the Diocese of Covington are committed to helping students become adults who will make a difference.

Children, Inc., The Center for Great Neighborhoods and the Red Cross will work with the schools of Covington to help the teachers and students develop impactful Service Learning projects.  They will provide both an orientation to Service Learning as well as advanced trainings for teachers and after school staff.  They will provide one-on-one support to all teachers that would like help in developing a Service Learning project.  They will provide start-up funding.  They will recruit businesses and neighborhood residents to support the students’ projects.  They will share the exemplary projects with the community through various media outlets. They believe that every school can be great because every school can help every child serve.


PHOTO: Covington Mayor Chuck Scheper

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