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2 KY DUIs: One Man on a Mower, Another on a Horse

Two true blue Kentucky DUI stories emerged in the past week. First, a man in Winchester is arrested for driving under the influence on a lawn mower with a 6-year old passenger on board:

According to court documents, Winchester Police received two calls Sunday evening after people saw him driving the mower with an alcoholic drink and a child aboard. In his arrest citation, Officer Zach Conlee said he found Hayes standing along Aubrey Lane and “could tell he was intoxicated.” Conlee said he warned Hayes not to be driving and left. While Conlee was sitting at a stop sign on Aubrey Lane, he said he saw Hayes driving down the middle of the road on a 14-horsepower riding lawn mower with a child in his lap.

Full story: The Winchester Sun
Meanwhile, in Jessamine County, a gentleman was arrested for riding under the influence on his horse:

"I had know idea you could be arrested for something like this," Danny Reynolds said.

Reynolds, 55, said he was trail-riding with some friends on John Watts Road near his home when he had to stop and take a break.

"I'm severely diabetic, so I stopped to eat some crackers to bring my sugar levels down when the deputy arrived and told me to get off my horse," he said.

Reynolds admits to drinking a couple of beers. "I normally don't drink, but we were celebrating my son's birthday."

He claims his diabetes made him light-headed when the deputy told him to get down, and that's why he staggered, not because he was drunk.

"The deputy said he wasn't going to arrest me until I started to stagger," Reynolds said. "That's when he placed me under arrest and took me to jail."

Full story with video: WKYT