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McDaniel Endorsed by Ludlow Mayor in State Senate Race

Ludlow Mayor Ken Wynn, a Democrat according to a press release, has endorsed Republican State Senate candidate Chris McDaniel in the 23rd District race. “I’m pleased to have the support of Mayor Wynn,” said McDaniel. “Mayor Wynn cares greatly for the citizens of Ludlow and aims to make his city, and Kenton County in general, a more prosperous region. I’m pleased that my plan for economic prosperity inthis district is continuing to resonate among both sides of the political spectrum.”

“With the seriousness of Kentucky’s pension problems and other major economic issues that will be facing state legislators over the next few years, I am confidently endorsing Chris McDaniel,” said Mayor Wynn. “He has proven himself as a business leader in Northern Kentucky and is committed to furthering the economic viability of this region. The importance of this election transcends partisanship and leaves me eagerly supporting Chris for the open Senate seat.”