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Attorney: Doctor's Trouble Started With Methadone Clinic Application

The Florence doctor whose office was raided by the FBI and the DEA and then had his license suspended is claiming through his attorney that he became a target of investigators after trying to open a methadone clinic in Covington:


“I think we are living at a time of hysteria over prescription drug abuse where a lot of good doctors are going to get drug into the controversy,” said Bob Sanders, attorney for Dr. Gary Shearer. “It is unfortunate that Dr. Shearer is obviously one of them.”

Sanders said Shearer, 67, of Union is not culpable for the 14 deaths because the patients did not follow the directions on their prescriptions or self-medicated with illegal drugs such as heroin.

Shearer's trouble with the law includes an issue involving a gun at the Radisson Hotel in Covington. For more on that and the rest of the story: Cincinnati Enquirer/Jim Hannah
PHOTO: Gary Shearer