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PAC With Ties to NKY Chamber Endorses Local Candidates

The NKY Business PAC, an organization that is separate from the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce but shares members, has made endorsements in several local state races:


“The Northern Kentucky businessmen think we need to have a voice in Frankfort,” (PAC Chairman Jim) Willman said. “A lot of business members give money to candidates. This is a conglomerate of all businesmen in Kentucky. This is what we would like to see.”

The NKY Business PAC will give money to: Sen. Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown; Senate District 23 Republican candidate Chris McDaniel; Rep. Rick Rand, D-Bedford; House District 61 Republican candidate Brian Linder; Rep. Dennis Keene, D-Wilder; Rep. Tom McKee, D-Cynthiana; Sen. David Givens, R-Greensburg; Senate District 15 Republican candidate Chris Girdler and Sen. Robert Stivers, R-Manchester.

Read the full story: Cincinnati Enquirer/Scott Wartman

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