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Phone Number 859-292-2222 to Become Automated

The famous, easy-to-remember phone number for non-emergency calls to the Covington Police will now become an automated answer service. The City of Covington issued this news release Thursday afternoon:


In preparation for the consolidation of the Kenton County and Covington Communications Centers on September 30, 2012, changes are being made the City of Covington's administrative phone line, 859-292-2222. Currently the 859-292-2222 number is answered by a dispatcher in the Covington Communications Center. The 859-292-2222 number will now be answered using an auto attendant function.

It is important to note that the 859-292-2222 number will remain operational for the residents of Covington, or anyone needing to do business with the City of Covington, after the consolidation. When a person calls the 859-292-2222, he or she will be given the options of, "calling 9-1-1 if it is an emergency", "calling 859-356-3191 if is a non-emergency issue that requires the assistance of the Communications Center", or "remaining on the line and "choosing the appropriate section within the Covington Police Department that they wish to contact".

We at the Emergency Communications Center recognize that until such time as the consolidation is complete on September 30, 2012, that some Covington calls may be directed to our Communications Center even though the city's Communication Center is still operational. During this transitional period of September 25 through September 30, we have a mechanism in place to redirect the calls to the City of Covington so that proper assistance can be provided. We will make sure that every caller gets the services he or she needs.

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